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This Widebody GR Yaris Has A Race-Ready Powertrain

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The Toyota GR Yaris is a fantastic out-of-the-box rally machine, equipped with a high-output turbocharged engine and a trick all-wheel drive system. But if the stock Toyota components just aren’t up to the task, the folks at Dytko Sport can make it even better.

The Poland-based speed shop specializes in upgrading cars for rally duty, and its latest creation is especially impressive. According to Engine Swap Depot, this red widebody Yaris “Proto” was built for rally driver Kuba Greguła, and features an entirely upgraded drivetrain.

Under the hood sits an upgraded version of the stock turbocharged inline-three, paired to a six-speed sequential transmission built by Drenth. It sends power to Drenth differentials on either axle. There’s no word on power output, though it’s safe to estimate this Yaris is making a bit more than the 268 hp it’s rated for from the factory.

Inside you’ll find a full FIA-spec roll cage, OMP racing seats, harnesses, carbon fiber door panels, and a fire suppression system. There’s also an incredibly cool-looking shifter mechanism, a digital gauge cluster screen, and a new steering wheel. Despite all of the additions, Dytko Sport has retained most of the interior trim, too.

While it’s not clear what Greguła plans to do with this widebody Yaris, Dytko Sport’s Facebook page is covered in videos of its cars competing in various forms of motorsport events throughout Europe. Something tells us this car will live a very exciting life.

UPDATE: This article, originally published December 5th, 2023, has been updated with more detailed drivetrain specifics. 

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