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This Jaguar XJS Is a Stunning, 600-HP V-12 Restomod

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The 1980s live again with a reborn Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) and its first offering, a heavily modified Jaguar XJS called the Supercat. The car was revealed today, showcasing a decidedly muscular makeover to the classic XJS coupe. And there’s some proper muscle under the hood to accompany the looks, courtesy of a supercharged V-12 engine making “more than 600 horsepower.”

Exactly how much more is unknown. TWR is taking a measured approach with the Supercat debut, featuring just the exterior design for now. The classic grand tourer now has a body that’s largely carbon fiber, a development process TWR claims took “tens of thousands of hours” to complete. A massive chin spoiler dominates the new lower fascia, blending rearward into aggressively flared wheel arches. The new hood sports a big cowl and louvers, while at the back, a ducktail spoiler sits above a massive diffuser. Side-exit exhaust finishers exit just ahead of the retro-styled wheels.

TWR Supercat

Details such as width or weight aren’t available yet, though the company promises substantial improvements in mass and aerodynamics compared to the original XJS. The Supercat’s design draws inspiration from the XJR-9, XJR-15, and XJ220, which should come as no surprise given old TWR’s history with those cars in the 1980s and 1990s. Noted car collector and British fashion designer Magnus Walker was a consultant on the design, adding his touch along with lead designer Khyzyl Saleem to bring the Supercat to life.

“This project is an incredible opportunity to interpret TWR’s winning legacy in today’s design language,” said Khyzyl Saleem, design lead for the Supercat. “In so many ways, my career in the digital and physical realms have been leading to this moment. In merging the requirements of Super-GT form and racing functionality we have created a unique identity that is instantly recognizable from its silhouette.”

Equally recognizable on the old XJS is its V-12 engine. It’s unclear whether TWR uses a modified version of the original Jaguar 5.3-liter twelve-pot or something newer, but a supercharger is part of the formula. It’s connected to a six-speed manual transmission, replacing the automatic that was standard on all V-12 models save for the very early versions in the 1970s.

TWR Supercat
TWR Supercat

Seeing the shifter in the Supercat’s interior is something else for which we’ll have to wait. More information is promised before the car goes on sale later this year, including a full interior reveal.

TWR is only planning 88 Supercats for production—an ode to the XJR-9’s win at LeMans in 1988. And with a starting price of approximately £225,000 ($281,000 at current exchange rates) they won’t be cheap. But they will be available to buyers in the UK and major international markets, including the United States.

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