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Stubby Mitsubishi AWD Minivan With Lifted Suspension May Be The Next Delica

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The Hyper Force may be Nissan’s big star at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo since it could preview the next GT-R, but this chubby minivan is also worthy of our attention. Much like the electric supercar concept is possibly a window into the future of a product model, this lifted family hauler with all-terrain tires could provide an early look at the next-generation Delica. The D:X is portrayed as a six-seater for outdoorsy people looking for an adventure.

The 2+2+2 concept combines the attributes of an off-roader such as the raised suspension and all-wheel drive with minivan traits like the sliding doors and nearly flat roof to maximize space inside. It has much shorter overhangs than the real Delica (no, not the recently launched kei car version) and chunky body cladding around the wheel arches and bumpers.

With front and rear skid plates along with side steps, the D:X has been envisioned as a crossover-ized minivan with pillarless side entry.  The copper-painted concept has T-shaped lights front and rear along with a roof box for extra storage. Outward visibility for the driver is stellar thanks to a front camera sending footage to a massive dashboard-mounted screen that gives the illusion of an expanded windscreen. In addition, there are small displays embedded into the A-pillars to serve as digital rearview mirrors.

The cabin is modular in the sense that it has what Mitsubishi refers to as panoramic seats. Wrapped in tan leather, these seats not only slide fore and aft, but the front ones also rotate 180 degrees. There’s a pair of Yamaha speakers mounted in each headrest, while the body has been toughened with rear pillars made from reinforced rib-bone frame with a circular framework structure.

The D:X concept has been conceived as a plug-in hybrid, although additional details are not provided. The fact it’s AWD isn’t really a surprise since even the Delica Mini kei car sends power to all four wheels. The fullsize Delica has had AWD for decades, and that’s unlikely to change for the sixth generation. A new model is long overdue seeing as how the current vehicle has been around since 2007, with a facelift launched in 2019.

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