Hexagonal cross four-edged ceramic vitrified brick alloy twist drill tile multi-functional glass hole opener overlord drill


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Shank Type: Hexagon
Cooling type (internal cooling/external cooling): internal cooling
Cutting diameter (mm): 3-12
Shank Diameter (mm): 6.35
Chip flute length (mm): 48-91
Useful length (mm): 98-126
Overall length (mm): 83-128
Outer edge angle (°): 135
Maximum depth of cut: 10
Blade Size: 3-12
Blade diameter: 6.35 (mm)
Blade length: 48-91 (mm)
Overall length: 83-128 (mm)
Shank diameter: 6.35 (mm)

Use for: Red brick, concrete, honeycomb brick, antique brick, aluminum alloy, plastic steel, foam brick, glazed tile, wood

Material: hard aluminum alloy

W.G: 0.45Kg

Price: $8.75


Weight 0.45 kg


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