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Wireless Carplay Multimedia for BMW


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14.5 Inch HD 2560x720P ID8 Android 13 Wireless Carplay Multimedia for BMW


Product Specifications : 

  • General:
    • Model Name: ID8 Android 13 Multimedia System
    • Display Size: 14.5 Inches
    • Resolution: 2560x720P High Definition
    • Operating System: Android 13
    • Compatibility: Specifically designed for BMW 5 Series F10 F11 (2010-2017)
  • Connectivity:
    • Wireless CarPlay: Integrated support for Apple CarPlay for wireless connectivity
    • Bluetooth: Enhanced Bluetooth functionality for hands-free calls and audio streaming
    • Wi-Fi: Built-in Wi-Fi module for internet connectivity
    • 4G Support: Comes with a 4G module for high-speed internet access
  • Navigation and GPS:
    • GPS Module: Advanced GPS module for accurate positioning and navigation
    • Real-Time Updates: Supports real-time traffic and route updates
    • Map Support: Compatible with various third-party navigation apps
  • Audio and Video:
    • DSP (Digital Sound Processing): Integrated DSP for superior sound quality
    • Audio Formats Supported: MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and more
    • Video Formats Supported: Supports a range of video formats for playback
    • Radio: FM/AM Radio with preset stations
  • Ports and Interfaces:
    • USB Ports: Multiple USB ports for media playback and device charging
    • AUX Input: Auxiliary input for additional audio sources
    • Video Output: HDMI output for external displays
  • Additional Features:
    • Multi-Language Interface: Supports various languages for user convenience
    • Rear Camera Compatibility: Supports connection to a rearview camera (camera not included)
    • Steering Wheel Control Compatibility: Can be integrated with the vehicle’s steering wheel controls
    • Touchscreen: Capacitive touchscreen for easy control and navigation
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x ID8 Android 13 Multimedia System
    • 1 x GPS Antenna
    • 1 x User Manual
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product Features :

  • High-Resolution Display: 14.5-inch HD screen with 2560x720P resolution for crystal-clear visuals.
  • Latest Android 13 OS: Runs on Android 13, providing a smooth and responsive user interface.
  • Wireless CarPlay Integration: Allows for seamless connectivity with Apple devices for on-the-go entertainment and information.
  • Built-in 4G Module: Stay connected with high-speed internet access, even while on the move.
  • Advanced GPS Navigation: Reliable and precise GPS navigation with real-time updates.
  • DSP (Digital Sound Processing): Enhances audio quality for an immersive listening experience.
  • Compatible with BMW 5 Series F10 F11 (2010-2017): Specifically designed to fit and integrate seamlessly with these BMW models.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly setup that doesn’t require professional assistance.
  • Multi-Language Support: Available in multiple languages for a wide range of users.
  • Support for Multiple Media Formats: Enjoy a variety of media formats, including music, video, and more.

Product Description :

Wireless Carplay Multimedia for BMW 5 Series F10 F11 (2010-2017) with our latest 14.5-inch HD ID8 Android 13 Multimedia System. This state-of-the-art system enhances your driving experience and brings a touch of modern technology to your vehicle. The high-resolution 14.5-inch display offers stunning visuals, perfect for navigation, watching videos, and browsing.

Running on the latest Android 13 operating system, it provides a seamless and intuitive user interface. With wireless CarPlay, you can easily connect your Apple devices for hands-free calls, music, and access to your favorite apps. The built-in 4G module ensures you stay connected with high-speed internet on the go.

The advanced GPS navigation system is designed to offer precise and up-to-date routing. The Digital Sound Processing (DSP) feature enriches the audio quality, providing an immersive sound experience that complements your journey. This multimedia system is designed for the BMW 5 Series F10 F11 models from 2010 to 2017, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation.

With multi-language support and compatibility with various media formats, it’s the perfect upgrade for tech-savvy drivers looking to enhance their in-car entertainment and navigation systems. Experience the ideal blend of technology and convenience with our ID8 Android 13 Multimedia System.


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