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OEM Integration Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Receiver Module for BMW 1-7 Series M3 M4 M5 X1-X6 I3/I8 Z4 MINI


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OEM Integration Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Receiver Module for BMW 1-7 Series M3 M4 M5 X1-X6 I3/I8 Z4 MINI


1. This wireless Carplay conversion kit decoder is suitable for BMW 1-7 Series M3 M4 M5 X1-X6 I3/I8 Z4 MINI and other series models, if you are not sure, please ask us for help first.

2. Support full-screen CarPlay function of Apple Maps/Map Navigation/Phone/Spotify. Built-in microphone for Siri functionality and Bluetooth calling. Listen to your music and access information online through Apple Music or other software. It’s an integration between your phone and your car. Bring joy to your driving life.

3. Use a wired (USB cable) connection to use the Android Auto system. Can map navigation/phone / online music. Make calls, check messages, reply, and use your favorite music apps from anywhere.

4. Support rear/original camera; support front/rear/360 camera; support dynamic Guilin. The camera will work automatically when you are upside down. Airplay (iPhone) and Mirror Link (Android), support viewing YouTube, photos and HD videos, etc.

5. After purchase, we provide a complete installation video and instruction manual. If you have no confidence in the installation, please ask for expert help; or contact us, we will cooperate with your installation with the most professional assistance! Do not arbitrarily install and damage the original car lines and products.

Some applicable models are shown below. For final confirmation, you need to contact our customer service:


for BMW 1 series 2012-2016

for BMW 2 series 2012-2016

for BMW 3 series 2012-2017

for BMW 4 series 2012-2016

for BMW 5 series 2013-2017

for BMW 6 series 2013-2017

for BMW 7 series 2012-2016

for BMW M3 2013-2016

for BMW M4 2013-2016

for BMW M5 2014-2016

for BMW X1 2012-2016

for BMW X2 2012-2016

for BMW X3 2012-2016

for BMW X4 2012-2016

for BMW X5 2013-2017

for BMW X6 2014-2017

for BMW New Energy 5 Series 2015-2017

for BMW MINI 2014-2017

for BMW Z4 2014-2016

for BMW i3 2013-2017

for BMW i8 2013-2016


for BMW 1 series 2008-2012

for BMW 2 series 2008-2012

for BMW 3 series 2008-2012

for BMW 4 series 2008-2012

for BMW 5 series 2008-2012

for BMW 6 series 2008-2013

for BMW 7 series 2008-2012

for BMW M3 2008-2012

for BMW M4 2008-2012

for BMW M5 2008-2012

for BMW X1 2008-2012

for BMW X2 2008-2012

for BMW X3 2008-2012

for BMW X4 2008-2012

for BMW X5 2008-2012

for BMW X6 2008-2012

for BMW MINI 2008-2013

for BMW Z4 2008-2012


for BMW 1 series 2016-2020

for BMW 2 series 2016-2020

for BMW 3 series 2017-2020

for BMW 4 series 2016-2020

for BMW 5 series 2017-2020

for BMW 6 series 2017-2020

for BMW 7 series 2016-2020

for BMW M3 2016-2020

for BMW M4 2017-2019

for BMW M5 2018-2019

for BMW X1 2018-2020

for BMW X2 2018-2020

for BMW X3 2018-2020

for BMW X4 2016-2019

for BMW X5 2017-2020

for BMW X6 2017-2020

for BMW New Energy 5 Series 2018-2020

for BMW MINI 2018-2020

for BMW Z4 2017

for BMW i3 2018-2020

for BMW i8 2018-2020

Product List:

1*Decoder modification box

1*Installation accessories

1*Car power cord

Note: Please place an order according to your model, year, system, and corresponding specifications when purchasing. If you are not sure if your model will work, you can contact us.




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