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BMW Fuel Injectors 0261500494


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4PCS Engine Fuel Injectors for BMW


Product Specifications :

  • Product Name: 4PCS Engine Fuel Injectors for BMW MINI
  • Compatibility: BMW MINI Cooper models including R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60.
  • Part Numbers: 13538682350, 13537591623, 0261500494
  • Quantity: Set of 4 injectors
  • Construction Material: High-grade metal and composite plastics
  • Fuel Compatibility: Gasoline
  • Injection Type: Direct injection
  • Flow Rate: Calibrated to OEM specifications
  • Electrical Connector Type: OEM standard fitment
  • O-Rings Included: Yes, pre-fitted for leak-proof sealing
  • Condition: Brand new
  • Warranty: Manufacturer warranty (period not specified)
  • Installation: Professional installation recommended

Product Features :

  • Direct Fit: Designed for BMW MINI models R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, and R60 for a seamless and efficient installation.
  • OEM Specifications: Manufactured to OEM specifications for optimum performance, with part numbers 13538682350, 13537591623, and 0261500494.
  • Improved Fuel Economy: Precision-engineered to ensure optimal fuel atomization, contributing to better fuel economy and engine performance.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials that withstand extreme conditions and provide long-lasting service.
  • Enhanced Engine Response: Provides a more responsive and smoother engine operation by ensuring precise fuel delivery.
  • Easy Installation: These injectors are designed for a straightforward installation process, requiring no modifications.

Product Description :

Upgrade your BMW MINI’s performance with our set of four precision-engineered fuel injectors. Tailored specifically for models R55 through R60, these injectors are designed to match OEM part numbers 13538682350, 13537591623, and 0261500494, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Each injector is built to exact specifications to improve fuel economy, enhance engine response, and ensure smooth operation.

Constructed from durable materials, these fuel injectors are capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use while maintaining peak performance. Modern direct injection technology aids in achieving a more efficient fuel burn, leading to better mileage and a more responsive acceleration. The installation process is straightforward, enabling a quick and hassle-free upgrade to your vehicle’s fuel system.

Experience the difference in power and performance with these top-tier engine fuel injectors, whether you’re driving through city streets or cruising on the highway. With improved fuel atomization, you can enjoy a smoother ride, reduced emissions, and a more enjoyable driving experience. Make the switch to our 4PCS Engine Fuel Injectors and feel confident in the longevity and reliability of your BMW MINI’s engine.


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