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BMW Engine Coolant Thermostat 11537644811


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AP03 Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat Heat Manage Module 11537644811


Product Specifications :

  • Part Number: 11537644811
  • Compatibility:
    • Engine Types: BMW B38, B48
    • Vehicle Models: BMW F20, F30, 116i, 125i, 316i, 330ix, G30 520i
  • Material Composition: High-grade metals and advanced composite materials
  • Operating Temperature: Engineered to maintain optimal engine temperature, specific range varies per vehicle model
  • Color and Finish: Standard industry finish for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Installation: Direct replacement with OEM fitment; professional installation recommended
  • Features:
    • Enhanced temperature regulation for improved engine performance
    • Durable construction to withstand harsh automotive environments
  • Warranty: Standard manufacturer warranty applies
  • Packaging: Securely packaged to ensure product integrity during shipping
  • Certifications: Meets or exceeds OEM and industry standards for quality and safety

Product Features :

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for BMW models with B38 and B48 engines, including F20, F30, 116i, 125i, 316i, 330ix, and G30 520i.
  • Optimal Heat Management: Ensures efficient temperature regulation, enhancing engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted with durable materials for longevity and reliability under various driving conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Engineered for a perfect fit, allowing for straightforward installation without the need for extensive modifications.
  • Improved Engine Longevity: Helps in maintaining the optimal engine temperature, reducing wear and tear.

Product Description :

The AP03 BMW Engine Coolant Thermostat 11537644811 is a crucial component for maintaining the ideal operating temperature of your BMW’s B38 or B48 engine. It is engineered to provide precise temperature control, which is essential for optimal engine performance and efficiency. This thermostat is designed to fit seamlessly with several BMW models, including the F20, F30, 116i, 125i, 316i, 330ix, and G30 520i, ensuring a perfect match with your vehicle’s specifications.

Crafted from high-grade materials, the AP03 thermostat offers durability and reliability, standing up to the rigors of everyday driving. The ease of installation means that it can be quickly integrated into your vehicle, restoring its functionality and performance. This product not only enhances your vehicle’s efficiency but also contributes to the longevity of the engine by preventing overheating and other temperature-related issues.

Overall, the AP03 Petrol Engine Cooling Thermostat is an essential upgrade or replacement part that delivers peace of mind through its exceptional quality and performance.


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