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2x Auto Car Front Rear Brake Pad Sensor For BMW E60 E60N E61 E61N E63 E63N E64 E64N 525i 530i 545i M5 M6 34356764298 34356764299

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  • Material: Plastic metal
  • Model Number: For E60 E60N E61 E61N E63 E63N E64 E64N 525i 530i 545i M5 M6
  • Brand Name: GZYF
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Fit year: As detailed product description
  • Part number: 34356764298 34356764299
  • Product name: Automobile Front Rear Brake Pad Sensor
  • Warranty: Yes

Automobile Front Rear Brake Pad Sensor for BMW BMW E60 E61 E63 E64 525i 530i 545i M5 M6

For E60:
E60 525i Sedan, USA
E60 525xi Sedan, USA
E60 530i Sedan, USA
E60 530xi Sedan, USA
E60 545i Sedan, USA
E60 550i Sedan, USA
E60 M5 Sedan, USA
E60 520d Sedan, Europe
E60 520i Sedan, Europe
E60 523i Sedan, Europe
E60 525d Sedan, Europe
E60 525i Sedan, Europe
E60 530d Sedan, Europe
E60 535d Sedan, Europe
E60 550i Sedan, Europe
E60 525xi Sedan, Europe
E60 530i Sedan, Europe
E60 530xd Sedan, Europe
E60 530xi Sedan, Europe
E60 540i Sedan, Europe
E60 545i Sedan, Europe
E60 M5 Sedan, Europe
E60N 528i Sedan, USA
E60N 528xi Sedan, USA
E60N 535i Sedan, USA
E60N 535xi Sedan, USA
E60N 550i Sedan, USA
E60N 520d Sedan, Europe
E60N 520i Sedan, Europe
E60N 523i Sedan, Europe
E60N 525i Sedan, Europe
E60N 535d Sedan, Europe
E60N 525d Sedan, Europe
E60N 525xd Sedan, Europe
E60N 525xi Sedan, Europe
E60N 530d Sedan, Europe
E60N 530i Sedan, Europe
E60N 530xd Sedan, Europe
E60N 530xi Sedan, Europe
E60N 540i Sedan, Europe
E60N 550i Sedan, Europe
E61 530xi Touring, USA
E61 520d Touring, Europe
E61 523i Touring, Europe
E61 525d Touring, Europe
E61 525i Touring, Europe
E61 530d Touring, Europe
E61 535d Touring, Europe
E61 550i Touring, Europe
E61 525xi Touring, Europe
E61 530i Touring, Europe
E61 530xd Touring, Europe
E61 530xi Touring, Europe
E61 545i Touring, Europe
E61N 535xi Touring, USA
E61N 520d Touring, Europe
E61N 520i Touring, Europe
E61N 523i Touring, Europe
E61N 525i Touring, Europe
E61N 535d Touring, Europe
E61N 525d Touring, Europe
E61N 525xd Touring, Europe
E61N 525xi Touring, Europe
E61N 530d Touring, Europe
E61N 530i Touring, Europe
E61N 530xd Touring, Europe
E61N 530xi Touring, Europe
E61N M5 Touring, Europe
E61N 550i Touring, Europe
E63 645Ci Coupe, USA
E63 650i Coupe, USA
E63 M6 Coupe, USA
E63 630i Coupe, Europe
E63 645Ci Coupe, Europe
E63 M6 Coupe, Europe
E63 650i Coupe, Europe
E63N 650i Coupe, USA
E63N 630i Coupe, Europe
E63N 650i Coupe, Europe
E63N 635d Coupe, Europe
E64 645Ci Convertible, USA
E64 650i Convertible, USA
E64 M6 Convertible, USA
E64 630i Convertible, Europe
E64 645Ci Convertible, Europe
E64 M6 Convertible, Europe
E64 650i Convertible, Europe
E64N 650i Convertible, USA
E64N 630i Convertible, Europe
E64N 650i Convertible, Europe
E64N 635d Convertible, Europe
(Please confirm that it will fit your vehicle before purchase.)

High durability and stability.
OEM quality, direct replacement.
Custom-fit, perfectly fit your original part.
Easy to install, no modification required.
Professional Installation is highly recommended.
Good replacements for your wear and tear sensor.

Condition: 100% Brand New
OEM part:
FRONT: 34356764298
REAR: 34356764299

Color: As pictures

Package Included:




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