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BMW Group Design creates medals for European Championships Munich 2022

+ Medal design concept devised by BMW Group subsidiary Designworks + Inspiration provided by the iconic roof of Munich’s Olympic Stadium + Medals will be on display at the European Championships 2022 shop in Marienplatz +

Munich. The BMW Group – with its BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands – is supporting the biggest sporting event taking place in Munich this year as an Official Premium Partner of the European Championships Munich 2022. The BMW Group’s innovation studio Designworks has created the medals for the event as part of a collaboration with the Organising Committee of the European Championships Munich 2022.

“I’m delighted that the European Championships are coming to Munich this year,” said Holger Hampf, President of Designworks. “We felt it was important when designing the medals to forge a strong link with the host city and make it a genuine icon of this sporting event,” he added. 

The design retains the same striking triangular form used for the medals at the 2018 European Championships, yet also incorporates an elegant reference to the roof of Munich’s world-famous Olympic Stadium, reinforcing the connection with the host city. The lines of this iconic Perspex construction served as the guiding concept for the medals’ design, in keeping with the event’s slogan “Back to the Roofs”. This design is embossed in 3D on the front of the medals and developed further across nine facets on the reverse. This gives them a high-quality appearance reminiscent of a piece of jewellery while evoking one of the host city’s most striking features. The nine facets represent the nine sports brought together under the umbrella of the European Championships.

“It was important to us to reflect and build on Munich’s history as a sporting city, which is why our design includes a prominent space to display the nine pictograms originally created by Otl Aicher for the 1972 Summer Olympics,” explains Florian Weber, Creative Director of the Organising Committee for the European Championships Munich 2022.

The European Championships logo is embossed on the front of the medals in a way that is both visible and tactile. The reverse side of each medal has a multi-faceted appearance similar to that of a crystal to symbolise the variety of the European Championships Munich 2022, which brings together European championships in nine different sports while also making medal events in Para competitions an integral part of the programme. The sport, name and country of each medallist will be engraved on the back of their medal. To create a sense of visual harmony, the medal ribbons feature the same crystalline design seen on the reverse of the medals themselves. Instead of sitting in the centre of the medal as usual, the crossed ribbon is fixed to the two top corners. This prevents the medal from spinning around and makes it more comfortable for athletes to wear. Setting the seal on the holistic design concept are ribbons colour-coded for each discipline to make them even more distinctive.

The medals are on display at the European Championships pop-up store in Munich’s Marienplatz. In addition the BMW Group will also share its expertise in a wide variety of areas to help make the European Championships Munich 2022 a success. The collaboration underscores the common goal of both partners not only to stage a top-flight multi-sporting event but also to deliver on sustainability and innovation.

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