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Bridgestone Has Revived Its Iconic Wheel Design For Your Next Retro JDM Build

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Subtle design is a fine art. The objective is to be simple without being boring. The Bridgestone Super RAP Evo wheels show how to get understated styling just right, reviving a classic Japanese offering from the 1980s. Now, they’re back and are ready to put on your classic Mazda Miata or Toyota Corolla

At first glance, the RAP Evo looks like a white-painted version of a classic steel wheel that you might use as a spare or to mount winter tires. Appearances are deceiving, though. These items are aluminum, and there’s an excellent reason for the circular openings around the rim. Bridgestone came up with this design for rally cars and gymkhana competitions, and the smaller holes prevented rocks, mud, or debris from striking brake components, at least compared to a traditional layout with several spokes.

The result was a lightweight wheel that was about 30 percent cheaper than items from competitive brands, according to Kyusha Shoes. They were initially available in 13- and 14-inch diameters in the early 1980s before expanding to 15 inches later in the decade. The Super RAP Evos are now a one-piece design rather than the original two-piece construction. The new ones just went on sale in early December 2023. 

The soft, round shapes don’t give a car an especially aggressive look. However, they have an aesthetic that fits well with certain 1980s and ’90s vehicles like the first-gen Miata and AE86 Toyota Corolla.

Buyers can get them in four configurations:

SizeBolt PatternOffsetCenter Depth
15×7 4×100+2056 mm
15×74×114.3071 mm
15×7.54×100+2056 mm
15×7.54×114.3071 mm

If you’re in the United States and like this look, the Super RAP Evo wheels are currently available from Rev9 Autosport for $289.99 for each unit in the 15×7 size in the 4×100 bolt pattern, and the 15×7.5 examples in 4×100 are $299.99. Shipping begins in early February 2024. 

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